Cell Machine Spec B


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External Description:
Specialist "B"

(Assembly Traub Set
Up Operator)

SUMMARY: Completely and
independently sets-up and operates (machines running) no less
than three Assembly Traubs, while maintaining a high degree of quality standards.
There could be as many as 3 set up's or 3 machines running (maximum), or a
combination of both. Generally runs core and common product as required by the
Assembly department with high quality and productivity standards.

surfaces of various types of metals to specifications and close tolerances.
Understands and knows how to read product blue prints. Uses precision measuring
instruments. Selects tools, fingers, cams, wheels, spacers etc. for proper
set-up, and make minor repairs to machines. Troubleshoots and fixes most production
problems with parts or machines and takes any corrective actions necessary. Seeks
assistance as needed.


the following. Other duties may be assigned as necessary by Company production
requirements. Completely and independently with little or no review or
supervision performs the following:

and operates Assembly Traubs machines and tools accordingly to run the job.
Performs calibration, adjustment, layout, safe operating procedures etc. per
requirements on highly complex tools and products. Troubleshoots any production
problems with parts or machines and takes any corrective actions necessary.

marks and scribes stock for machining requirements. Verifies dimensions,
alignments and clearances to specifications. Visually or with various precision
measuring instruments such as calipers, micrometers, gauges, etc. checks product
for accuracy. Sets specific machine speeds, feed rates and spacing’s per task
requirements and optimum quality and productivity. Performs machining to close
tolerances (± .0001) as called out by blueprints/documentation.

necessary counts, processes documentation correctly, and maintains daily
production logs using computer software applications or production worksheets.
Keeps interim records for subassemblies, material, tooling, rework, etc. while
in the cell. Uses a thorough knowledge of Statistical Process Control (SPC)
where applicable.

advanced Machine Shop Theory to understand specifications such as blue prints,
sketches, models or descriptions, or verbal orders, and visualizes product to
determine dimensions, tolerances and parts to be machined. Uses advanced
machining procedures, advanced tooling principles and techniques, and concepts
of efficiency of optimizing sequence of operations.

5. Works as an
active team member by participating in problem solving, team building, and all
other team activities to improve the processes, productivity, quality, etc. of
the production operations in a cell. Uses interpersonal skills as well as good
written and verbal communications.

6. Understands and executes 3-pan
method. Ensures to verify that product
is conforming to dimensions required before mixing with product that has
already been identified as acceptable.

7. Works patiently and professionally with
Qualifiers as they dictate adjustments needed to qualify product. Understands importance and provides quality
and courteous service to Qualifiers and other assembly personnel to efficiently
keep product flow through the department.

8. Must be able to work together with the
next or previous shift operator and effectively communicate during a shift changeover
any issues with the machine or product, any special requirements, or

Responsibilities -
Performs duties where property, tools, equipment or machines may be damaged, or
man hours lost through improper daily maintenance or attention to processing.
Sets up and makes adjustments of machine tool attachments, tooling, accessories
etc. Maintains and makes minor repairs to machines as needed.

or Product Responsibilities - Performs duties that require close attention to work and
supporting documentation specifications and other requirements to avoid errors
that could create significant damage or man-hours lost in production
scrap/rework. Responsibility for accuracy of parts machined. Visually and/or
with measuring instruments, checks work performed for proper results.

for Communications/Work with others - Accuracy of communication is mandatory to the successful
production and qualification of work pieces. Must communicate to appropriate
personnel any problems or concerns regarding quality of work received, or time
flow of work in progress as it affects production schedules. Trains others of
equal or lower classification in machine operations and cell procedures. Works
with all levels of shop employees as well as with engineering staff and cell

Responsibilities - Good
housekeeping, knowledge of good machining safety is necessary. Adherence to
Company Safety Rules is mandatory. Protective equipment and clothing
appropriate to the task at hand is required.

and Ingenuity -
Considerable initiative and ingenuity toward production machining processes
used by Company is required in solving problems associated with the set-up and
operation of the machine. Will use considerable amounts of ingenuity when using
or adapting tooling and shop aids to perform machining operations. Makes
suggestions for improving the efficiency of work flow or equipment operation.
Takes on or reports for additional work as current tasks are completed.
Performs other work related tasks as deemed necessary by Company needs.


Surroundings - Work is in
a machine shop environment where noise, temperature fluctuations, the
repetitive nature of job, etc. are less desirable than in a typical office

Hazards - Possible
hazards related to cuts, bruises, finger and hand injuries and muscle
strains. There is some exposure to
metalworking fluids and airborne particles. Protective safety wear and
equipment should be worn as appropriate to the task at hand.


Physical - Ability to lift up to 50 pounds. Requires
strength to adjust requisite equipment to set-up specifications. Hand and
finger manipulation required for machine and computer operation. Able to reach,
bend and stretch. Able to use tools required for machine set-up which may be
fatiguing and require extensive physical exertion for extended periods of time.
Most job assignments require standing and/or sitting for periods exceeding 15
minutes at a time.

Mental - Work at times is highly repetitive and
monotonous. However, set-up and/or machine repair is varied and may require
improvisation and ingenuity. Reasoning ability required to interpret highly
complex specifications and documentation of a technical nature. Must be able to
draw valid conclusions from a variety of machining technical variables.
Required to organize work flow for best efficiency.

- Close attention to
detail with moderate eye concentration over long periods of time. Able to read
various precision instruments such as micrometers, calipers, gauges, comparators, etc. Must be
able to visually check work pieces for quality.


ability to read and write English of a level required in Company shop documents
and computer software entry and processing requirements. Must be capable of
applying mathematical operations including using fractions, decimals and basic
geometry, as required by cell machining operations, generally equivalent to
high school grade level. Must be able to read blueprints. Must be able to use
precision measuring instruments such as calipers, micrometers, comparators and
torque testers.


minimum of 3 years work experience or equivalent skills and advanced knowledge
in the set-up and/or operation of a major machining tool such as: Brown &
Sharpe, Davenport Bar Machine, Traub, and/or single spindle screw machine. Must
also be able to use other tools and equipment which are similar or comparable
to those used by the Company and which are necessary to fulfill job
requirements. Must have read precision measuring instruments such as calipers
and micrometers. Must have demonstrated ability to read blueprints similar or
comparable to those used in machining operations by the Company.

City: Commerce

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State: California

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